PEOPLE YES PARTY - Residents for Joyful Living

Yes we Can and Yes we Will

My Country My People


I love a quarried country,
Of plundered earth and seas,
Where global ships to global ports,
Take our soil, our oil, our trees.
From empty workshops, idle eyes,
Look out with naive yearning,
But ships with products, for our folk,
Are triumphantly returning.

Our farmers and our fishermen,
Try to feed us with a freshness,
That comes from our land and sea;
While global ships unfreely,
Bring distant food for you and me.

Fabricators, Farmers, Fishermen true blue,
Unprotected - - - yes by those we choose,
Are quitting workshops, land and boats;
While carpetbagging Globalists,
Enjoy it all with gloats.

Has media washed, most of our minds,
Or are most quite timid at the core?,
Because if these Isles we don't deserve,
We'll let those Globalists take more.
Then serving them and puppets cringing,
And not replete with many thanks,
Will we remember Henry Lawson,
And his news about the Banks?

To this over-peopled continent,
Each week 3 thousand more arrive,
Pleasing globalists and housing kings,
While rare species don't survive.

WIth overcrowded suburbs,
And apartments stories high,
Grounded homes of our tradition,
So difficult to buy.
We give a space to few - of oh so many,
Escaping economic woes,
But in their homes, we could help many,
Change the tread of Global toes.

A colony in all but name,
So shames the word Australia,
And shames we people in her too,
For being such a failure.
'Tis not just our economy,
That's ruled from far offshore,
In our Parliament, a foreigner can,
Put new members on its floor.

Our Money Media monopolized,
And well controlled offshore,
Says politicians love our land,
While helping Gobbleists take more.
The 1% wants us to talk,
Of creed and race with titillation,
It wants its Global Power and Plan,
Free of Media contemplation.

Its Plan exists not just for trade,
But for money, pills and army,
And micro-chipping for surveillance -
Its psychopaths so smarmy.
They call this Plan CONSPIRACY,
A THEORY with no sense,
That facts linked to it don't relate,

They manipulate the minds of many,
And some allow it for a bribe,
Some are fools and some are phoney,
A heavy burden on my tribe.
But I need to love my people,
Including those upon their knees,
Those who know not why they are,
And even those who weakly please.

But I hate the cringing of my people,
Brown and Yellow, White and Black,
Will I ever hear them say,
"We CAN take our country back!"?
But things are now a-changing,
I can sense it in the air,
There's talk about the 1%,
Using puppets from its lair.

Yes our weaklings they can change,
And our people can unite,
And in peace can change the system,
There is no need to fight.
Also, fighting leads to chaos,
Which our Global Masters seek,
So with divide and conquer,
They make our people weak.

The Elite's power which it does own,
Is just what we allow it,
Let's make illegal mad excess,
High time to make our country fit.
Excessive power from vote excess,
Is quite against our law,
But excessive power from wealth excess,
Escapes our Government claw.

But we can choose new governors,
Not fearing those with wealth excess,
If we have clarity and courage,
To clear up this stupid mess.
Until this sunshine comes dear friends,
We must take bulldust on the chin,
From puppets who are traitors,
Who need our emptiness to win.

I love our people's empathy,
Our kindness, crafts and skills,
Such an innovative people,
To dig holes for foreign mills.
Through mists I see my people,
White,Yellow, Brown and Black,
With smiling lips and shouts of joy,
"Yes we'll GET our country back!!".


A Native and a Settler,
Were working by a billabong,
Under the shade of a Coolibah tree,
And they sang as they treasured,
Gold and Green and Kangaroo,
"No more a-cringing for Me and for You!".
Up came a Globalist,
Supported by Monopoly,
Down came the traitors, one, two, three,
"Where's your title to this land? -
It's not in My Money Bag,
You'll come a-cringing to me!" said he.

Well - - - up jumped the Ozies,
Who fought beside that billabong,
Shouting out loudly that soon they'd be free,
And their song can be heard,
Through the ghost gums on Eureka Day,
"One day Australia will be free!!".

Australia, Australia, beautiful Australia,
One day Australia will be free,
Australia, Australia, wonderful Australia,
Yes we can make our people free,
Australia, Australia, thoughtful Australia,
, peaceful action will make us free!!