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Protector Party CONSTITUTION

One of the objectives of this Party is to promote the election to the Senate and the House of Representitives and the State and Territory arliaments, candidates endorsed by the Party. Other objectives include informing the public about political, economic and social issues affecting standards of living.

Major aim of the Protector Party is to protect residents against excesses outlined in the two Major Policies listed in the official Party Website, and to produce good policy to be shown on this website for the people to vote on.

Policy 2
. is to protect our localities from housing and greening degradation, overcrowding, traffic congestion and infrastructure problems; and to protect our residents from denial of reasonable housing opportunity. This is to stop Councils from being largely Housing Toothless Tigers and to make them responsible partners with Federal Govt. on migrant intake.

The Enterprise Court for Policy 1. will be free to consider such matters as:

Australian banking and Australian industry trading in competition with unfreely produced goods and services under Globalist trading control.

Foreign product may be determined to be unfree because of political factors [e.g. police or fascist state control], social factors [e.g. cruel work environment] and economic factors [e.g. slave wages, tax-payer subsidy, monopoly/cartels and manipulative employers].

Unfreely made product freely traded not being defined as free trade, but defining free trade as where there is no unfree trade barrier to free product.

The determination of these factors and others in dealing with any sought import or export.

The Court will approve or disapprove or grant temporary or qualified approval. Court decisions will stand and be implemented unless over-ruled by Parliament.

The Court may advise against the export of any product [e.g.gas, timber, fish] stating where it considers it would be damaging to Australians and/or foreigners [e.g. industry, soil fertility, consumption advantage].

The Court may decide in favour of an imported unfree product [including excessive importation of control over sovereign assets], where it is needed in the early stages of Australia's re-birth of lost production processes. But in general, it will seek to also not encourage unfree production practices against workers overseas by foreign governments.

Other membership objectives and aims will be listed and considered by the Party as the Party sees fit. Any Secretary of this Party pledges no personal financial gain from any parliamentary office and expresses by word and deed, belief in a Faith of overcoming evil with good. All official meetings, voting, endorsements, representations and necessary decisions are to be arranged and announced via the Party website. There is to be no Membership fee. All Membership acceptance and rejection by members and Secretary to be in writing. Membership not to be published unless written Member consent is given to the Party.