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Hear Virus Interview above or on bigger screen Youtube "John Tiger Casley" - if not banned!

Australia Post sending above card to residents in Melbourne Federal electorates: Kooyong, Higgins, MacNamarra, Maribyrnong, Wills, Cooper - - -  

Virus of Mass Destruction [VMD]  It's a VIRUS SCAM - a TOTAL SCAM!! Mainstream Media is DISGUSTING!!

Hear Doctors & Nurses Speak e.g. Andrew Kaufman, Judy Mikovits, Rashid Buttar, Stefan Lanka, Eric Berg, Sherri Tenpenny. These independent doctors are BANNED from giving their EVIDENCE and DEBATE on Mainstream Media, which is FRIGHTENED they would make its reporters [repeaters], Govt. doctors and officials, appear to the masses as laughable, ridiculous, LUDICROUS. More, these cringers would be exposed as TRAITORS serving not the 99% but their Masters - the Fascist Elite Globalists!! 

Just imagine debates between independent doctors and the Elite's Govt. paid doctors - what fun - but it won't happen until citizen jellyfish develop a backbone in today's fascist state of fear and obey with Tiny Brother watching us, only with the power our citizens give him to make him Big Brother.

Hear voices of doctors, nurses & witnesses give evidence on and London Real.  

This "virus" is a total scam.  Media bias is a disgrace.  "If they get away with this they can get away with anything!"  They only have the power we the people [about 8 billion] give them - with our acquiescence. They have a pyramid structure as shown on the $ note below.    Who are They? They want anonymity:

Global Elite for a Central Control given very many names by many and varied brave experts, official & unofficial:  Military-Industrial Complex (Pres. Eisenhower in  his retirement speech); Monolithic Conspiracy (Pres. JFK 7 days before he was retired shot);   Illuminati; Hidden Hand; Sabbatean Frankists; Ultra-Zionists; Satanic Cult; 1%; Big Brother; Psychopathic Liars; Borderless Cabal; Deep State [ now in common usage] ...
Some [often w/o research] cannot accept there being a hidden [spooky?] controlling, loveless force of evil, but can accept there being an empathy deficient, controlling force of seen billionaires and their Gofers. No Great Matter. The principle of the argument here is not affected - there is no pandemic and a few benefit from many suffering by believing there is. Argument is ONLY about "the virus", NOT 5G. [But suffice to say here, that if is proved that increased 5G effect via increased device usage reduces oxygen intake, pandemic death figures could be real and blamed on the fictitious virus.] 

What do They Want?  CONTROL: 

  1. Your DEPENDENCY on their Global State for your income and spending.
    2. Their NORMAL [surveillance, propagation, eugenics, DNA, AI] with your acceptance of their mandatory, violation injection.

But really Mr Protector, with all their enormous wealth why would they want to?  Psychopathic control-freaks don't violate just for money.
Who are the GOFERS the Elite need for their AGENDA?

They are servants [consciously or unconsciously] of the Elite [e.g. Rothschild, Bush, Murdoch, Popes  - not John Paul 1 who they had killed after 33 days], Kissinger, Gates, Medical & Military Advisors, Charles & Andrew, Jimmy Savile & Epstein - - - in influential groups such as Banking, Press/Silicon Valley, Political, Military, Industrial, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Religious Institutions, Police, Paedophilia. Their need is only temporary, after which they are as expendable as others. They are useful for example in promoting needed injections.
But I'm not anti-vaccines.  Well Mr Citizen you aren't anti-fish, but you are anti  mercury, aluminium and certain gene cell changes being in their blood. 

But can so few control so many?  Be not only aware of German Nazism - look around you at the lock-down crashing independent business people; the despairing unemployed; oxygen resisting/bacteria retaining/people barrier, masks; social contact distancing; isolating stress/suicide and other human divide and conquer aiding the steady growth towards Nazi Centralization for nice naive, and unchallenging non-naive, people.

  • Why is their promotion of a pandemic a total SCAM?  Their PANDEMIC PLAN is so full of holes
    it makes a Swiss cheese look pathetic;

  • 1.There is simply no empirical medical evidence that covid-19 EXISTS.
    2. [a] The official test for it is USELESS - even according to its inventor's rationale.
        [b] It has not passed 1 of the 4 Koch postulates - it is simply a theory.
    3. Even theoretical belief in its existence causing a pandemic, is not supported by
    death figures - world mortality rates this year [before the lock-down] even DECREASED compared with the past 5 years.
    4. "Death after testing positive TO any illness" is not the same as "death  FROM that illness".
    5. [a] There can be no death from an illness that doesn't exist.
        [b] Even accepting Contagion Theory, a non-virus cannot pass from human to human. 
    6. There can be no vaccine for a non-isolated virus. 
    7. Death certificate diagnoses officially make covid-19 the preferred morbidity. 
    8. Business lock-down and social isolation add to death certificate statistics with both stress related illnesses and their being diagnosed as covid-19.
    9. In the USA, hospitals get financial incentives for patients to be diagnosed covid-19 rather than other illnesses such as pneumonia.
    1. 10. Only with media bias can they get away with public perceptions of death waves by statistical manipulation, pictures of "war zone " hospitals hiding empty wards photographed by witnesses, a room with black body bags and smoke billowing, apparently continually, from near-deserted crematorium sites - - - 
      11. No explanation in their narrative using their statistics, why their so called deadly contagious virus [ natural or man-made {in China?} ], causes more deaths among those old with many other diagnosed illnesses than among those young with no other illnesses.
      12.[a] The above evidence rejects the official Govt. virus-pandemic narrative, accepting the validity of Contagion & Germ theories on which the narrative is based. But even these Pasteur based theories are disputed by Bechamp  theories - "The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything."
          [b] Rockefeller's Big Pharma rejected Bechamp's theory and chose Pasteur's early ideas [which he later changed], in their funding of both medical schools and the selling of medical products to combat germs. It is a pity that profitable sales depends on the terrain being sick - internet websites  on 'Pasteur & Bechamp' are delightful reading.
      13. A real pandemic could kill the Gofers the Elite need. [Notice any Gofers dying?]
      14. No explanation why thousands in close contact with each other in the Black Lives Matter protests, are not dying from the so called covid19.
      15. US Health officials have announced that BLM non-isolation protests are acceptable but not non-isolation protests against Govt. health decisions. Hullo! Yes hypocracy, but  it suits the Global Elite's Agenda of divide to rule - to make  a Black-White division foment, not an Excessive Wealth-Excessive Poverty division.

    2. Protector, wouldn't Mainstream Media also feed the masses this evidence from doctors, nurses, health workers & witnesses belying a pandemic?  No, Citizen. That's not part of the plandemic. Please explain, my kind and elderly Protector.
      Wake-up, my dear and naive Citizen; as they planned the biggest lie that even Goebbels could not have made bigger or repeated it  more often, and with so many holes in it, why would they want it collapsed like a house of cards by experts? These not only see the holes clearly but would expose them given the chance in the media for the naive masses. These medical & political experts would both logically tear the the Gofers in tatters, and humiliate them in TV debates. Although TV audiences and advertising revenue would be enormous they would kill Elite Agenda.  Mainstream Media "journalists" CRINGE to the Gofers to keep their jobs.  

    Deep State Gofer benefits:  


    1. [a] Officially paid medical & political Gofers promoted on mainstream media who fear
      publicly debating other experts but know they are safe from it. [Notice this Media Monologue
      & Repetition ad nauseum?]
      [b] Just as Multi-Nationals have agents in national sub-branches, so has the Global Elite. Its control agents in the Medical and Political Elite in every nation produce fear and dependency for the people, to establish a World (fascist/communist) State. China is a sub-branch and began the plandemic. [And our naive, brainwashed by Big Media, pathetically queue 6 feet apart, close their businesses, wear silly harmful masks which also allow a virus to pass through their pores, cross the street to avoid their fellow man and divide to be conquered. OBEY says Big Brother. It's laughable - yet 1984-Orwellian scary.]
    2. Very big business and billionaires at expense of smaller independent businesses, via [elite planned] lock down.
    3. Elite technocracy [non-elected technocrats]- WHO [Near-monopoly media-medical advice]; Silicon Valley & Mainstream Media [Near-Monopoly information/perception]; govt. paid medical advisors  of Govt. politicians, all supporting both silly public obedience behaviour and bans on experts debating Elite  technocrats about:
      diagnosis statistics for death based on "flu-like" symptoms and a disregard of other illnesses [morbidity] ; mortality rates showing decreases; no evidence of covid-19 existence; covid-19 non-test; no vaccine injection for a non-isolated virus; witnessed empty 'war zone' hospital beds; mental and physical illnesses/deaths from lock-down/social spacing; non-access to hospital beds for non-coronavirus treatment - - - & 5G pushers. 
    4. Controllers wanting injections of nano-chip particles aiding surveillance, infertility [a la Aldous Huxley & modern''gender bending'] and AI connection - all a la China. We are copying and becoming a China.
    5. Sadists and those w/o empathy or psychopaths, who have no remorse  like WMD and Vietnam War liars.
    6. [a] The financial links between WHO, Gates, Fauci & Birx of US, Ferguson of Imperial College London, Glaxo S.K.and GAVI.
      [b] Ferguson's officially accepted computer modelling estimates have always been wrongly high - that's why other Gofers employed him to advise Boris & Fauci.
    7. 'Essential Business' of rolling out more towers and satellites during the West's lock-down [copying the Chinese Elite's planned lock-down], to push the 5G effect.
    8. [a] Basis for further manipulation of "virus" statistics to "justify":
      a planned 2nd wave of lock-down to achieve these aims:
      to increase an  already high level of FEAR; fearful global acceptance of voluntary then mandatory, "vaccine" injections of control; further crippling of independent small-medium businesses; further increase of dependency of people on the Deep State; control of these dependents' social credits by Big Brother using the China blueprint.
      [b] Achievement of the aims above by having a real increase in the global mortality rate from real deaths from 5G, blaming it again on the so-called covid-19. 
      10 [a] Big Pharma in USA benefits by not being able to be sued for violating injections WHO calls vaccine injections.
          [b] If some citizens whether gofers or not, can prove damage from violating vaccines WHO has approved of, they can claim tax-payer money from accommodating Govt. The US Govt. has paid out $4.2 billion.
         [c] After taking part in a dreadful causation making vulnerable Indian village girls infertile, Gates, a non-medical scientist and financially successful software peddler, said quote, "the final solution" unquote, was world-wide injections directly into our blood streams with his personally funded WHO approved vaccine; and that this vaccine may be available sooner than normally expected i.e. 9 months rather than about 2 years. He admitted that there may be some violating effects called side effects, and so that not to hinder the Pharma Industry, Govt. would need to cover any compensation needs. The 4 part "Corbett Report" video on Gates is so interesting. 
      11. They have the benefit of not fearing a real pandemic through knowledge or cognitive dissonance and from seeing their fellow Gofers not dying.
      12. The billionaire funded [e.g. George Sorus] Black Lives Matter Protest, benefits the Gofers carrying out the Elite's Agenda:
          [a] It takes attention away from the critical facts of [i] Elite excessive wealth and excessive poverty and dependency in people groups such as black, white, male, female, gays, Africans - - -         [ii] Atrocious Govt. licences for private bankers to create un-earned money. [The coming crash and people pain - and transfer of real wealth to the Elite - is mainly due to this form of control.]
          [b] It divides people in these groups against each other to conquer them in identity politics.    Good Heavens Above - there are lovely, OK and cruel humans in every human group - Black, White. Black Police, White Police, Protesters, Doctors, Asian soldiers - - - simply love their goodness and control their cruelty as sensible adults.[Psychopaths are humanoids  either inside or outside the Global Elite - which need to be controlled by these adults ].
         [c] The Blacks, Whites, Yellows and Browns in the Trillionaire Elite, laugh at Blacks and Whites looting and trashing struggling Black and White businesses.
         [d] In fact more Blacks are killed by Blacks than by Whites, but BLM protests against Blacks would limit Gofers playing the Racist Card for the Elite's billionaire support for Divide and Conquer.  It is BLManipulated.

          Yet another Govt. conspiracy scam like WMD [Irak]. Assad gassing his Syrian citizens, Communists Under Bed [McCarthyism], Panama, Chile, Venezuela - -  
    It is a perception of a virus like it was a perception of weapons, a perception of a Vietnamese attack in the Bay of Tonkin, a perception of Communist Terrorists - all in order to create people-fear for the centralized control of the people by the few? Yes a few can control a frightened many!

    But what about good people who don't hear [or don't grasp] all this evidence - won't they follow Bill Gates & his official few? Well good, timid sheep can be led through the Gates of Hell.

     Help all of us, the PEOPLE, by circulating EVIDENCE of this disgusting, blatant  SCAM. Just look at the dreadful deaths and cost of so many 'possibly mistaken' Govt. conspiracy theories that benefited the few.  George Orwell's Central Control, Police State and we, the People's dependency on income and even food, from Govt. puppets are increasing daily! If they can get away with this, they can get us and our children.
    Hear Dr Andrew Kaufman's video on DECEPTION - Exosome being defined as the feared virus - with Icke or YouTube [if not banned]. Where is a 'democratic' Mass Media in all this?  The few control this debate and political puppets. A favorite is "Dr A Kaufman Jaymie Icke interview" or the  7th video in Icke's medical 'Virus' Video Package - first part medical, second part social & political.
    Let's' also laugh at them and mock their pathetic nonsense and dependent power. More and more of us are awake to these empathy empty humanoids and their pathetic control-freak lust. A funny aside: samples from Tanzania paw paws, goats and birds were given with human names, to WHO for covid-19 testing - they tested positive!!; Advisor of Boris Johnson, Professor "social distancing"  Ferguson of computer modelling infamy, was caught twice having in his flat,  his blonde, married mistress and had to resign. 
    PEOPLE PROTECTORS - Love the Truth!! Speak up!!  Let's quietly wear  Cut-out Message Masks with our fellow citizens and nod to each other in the supermarket:

    Note: The three Swedish children of their mother pictured above, who believe there is a covid-19 pandemic, advise she could be in danger from those who disagree with this website and think she agrees with it. She is only happy to help the Secretary promote opinion - right or wrong - in the spirit of Voltaire's search for Truth and Love.

    What's Next in Their Plan?

    If the Mainstream Media and enough naive and cowardly non-naive continue to co-operate with the plandemic, flexible death statistics can in invoke a 2nd wave of panic and lockdown [PROBLEM], resulting in the cry,"Something must be done!"[REACTION}, followed by the Gofers' injection [SOLUTION]. Gotcha!

    The death of cash for centralized bank card/device control of your spending.

    To ponder only:
    [x]  When death figures fall and our suitably injected bodies are responding suitably to chem trails and 5G, may tuned 5G be directed at those obstructing the new normal e.g. unnecessary breeders, unnecessary overpopulated black and white groups, unnecessary old food-eaters, unnecessary individuals like Icke??
    [y] Could the Gofers direct illness causing 5G [at least  60g],at World Wide protest meetings [BLM, covid-19, violation injections, 5G], with Mainstream Media blaming the deaths on covid-19??  Protesters ill or dead could be tested and found to have covid-19 like WHO found that paw-paws had. Perhaps paw-paws & goats will receive a mandatory, suitable injection.   

    Be able to tell children you acted with pride at this turning point in history!! Yes, it's happening in your generation -  not in a distant one like the old RENAISSANCE. Yes, now a very probable ghastly, new DENAISSANCE. The choice is ours NOW - them with a Dystopian Fascist State or us with a Beautiful New Freedom! The GRAND NAISSANCE.

    The End of this so called "virus" Topic.
    Secretary John Casley, 2/130 Head Street Brighton 3186  Phone 0400372947  Email
    P.S. John's sister Gaynor & husband James; friends Michael & Grant; and LibLabs favour the Mainstream Media narrative. If you find John's evidence weak or strong, would you kindly let him know? 

    The Zionist Topic:

    NOTE WELL! The ZIONIST scared media LIES to you that those against Zionism [e.g. David Icke, Jews Against Zionism, John Casley] are anti-JEW without a shred of evidence. It attacks with the word "anti-Semitic" ad nauseam knowing
    perfectly well that most Semites are Arabs.

    is racist, apartheid, political-economic terrorism. It illegally invades Palestine and Syria crippling their children. It politically and financially controls American & other lackey politicians as puppets e.g. Australian, English, French.

    Israel is no State of America - it has America as a State.

    "Anti-ZIONISM is not anti-JEW as anti-NAZISM is not anti-GERMAN."


    ZIONISM is anti JEW and GENTILE

    Nazism & Zionism are political beliefs - they are not religions. Like Nazis scared decent Germans, Zionists scare decent Jews, decent Gentiles [non-Jews], cringing politicians & cringing media while pretending Judaism for a religious cover.

    Free Speech is in its deaththroes - so let's bravely break the evil silence over evil Zionism - and support decent Jews & decent Gentiles! This world urgently needs more wise renegades like Icke, our disgustingly tortured Assange and other whistleblowers whose only "crime" is telling the truth about global elite criminals. George Orwell's 1984 is not coming - it's here!!

    FEAR. Media is scared and deceitful e.g. ABC's Jon Faine is a scared Zionist liar. Like the ABC and Q&A, the Zionist controlled Trump & Scomo Govts are too scared to mention the word 'Zionism' let alone educate the many voters ignorant of its meaning and power. THESE URGENT TIMES DESPERATELY NEED MORE THAN JUST OUR INTELLECTUALS BEING AWARE !

    Middle East manufactured & Zionist false flag wars [e.g. Iran], leading to the elite desired WW3, thrive because of psychopathic or cringing political leaders and their naive or timid flock.

    No apartheid State has a right to exist!

    Presently, Nucular-Armed Israel is using the American [new] lies & nucular war machine against Iran - while Australia's media paid journalists cringe to keep their jobs.

    Secretary, Protector Party, John Tiger Casley Christian Jew like Jesus & David Suchet ["Poirot"]; not Zionist Jew 

    Do you definitely vote for policy and not for party Label ??

    in 7 magnificent policies below.

    Oust servile Lib-Lab policy of sameness [please, no more Tweedledum or Tweedledee] & Shallowness.

    Policies of The Magnificent 7 at a glance:

    [So unlike those of T'Lib & T'Lab - see Cartoon]

    1. Manufacturing. A return to the Golden Age of vital Australian protection against unfree trade while for named and skilled job opportunities, with a new Enterprise Court through which no product from animal, mineral, plant, service or manufacture, will be exported or imported unless proved to be in the interest of both free trade and Australian sovereignty. e.g. renewable energy manufactures with their raw material inputs & planning services. Stop the CAPITAL UNIONS such as the Bank & Oil Unions, laughing at the power of the LABOUR unions!

    Given that coffee and nail cutting jobs are increasing, continual GLib-GLab promises of enormous numbers of skilled jobs without names and achievement plan continue to be empty more than shallow - have you ever heard Lib-Labs naming one? [See named products below].Every nation proud of its sovereignty and detesting unfree, slavewage product, protects its jobs with some trade protection, but none is so favoured for it as is our continent-nation - - - or so betrayed over it by Lib-Labs.

    No more being a pathetic 2nd class economy [see poem 'My Country & People'] in heavy debt to Lib-Lab masters, exporting riches often not even in our hands, from our soil, oil and trees in order to import manufactures our people could and should make with skill and pride, and which would give our young and not so young true purpose that would give little scope for our present level of national idleness, depression and suicide. 

      2. Banking. A practical structual change for our banking system to prevent corruption, instead of only regulating to protect us from corrupt & elite chosen officials who supervise the existing corrupt banking structure - and who claim to serve all of us and not just themselves and their foxy masters. Intellectual & fearless economists [e.g. those in the C.E.C.] claim with evidence that this structual corruption is not only absurd but completely unnecessary. GLib-GLabs don't criticize this existing structure - nor do the mass media and chosen [& restricted], powerful investigators. Let's at least, begin open & democratic debate on this fashionably accepted present structure, by electing those who in Shakespeare's words, suit the action to the tiger!!

      Simply, there is little value in ensuring that chosen chickens honestly supervise the fox structured chicken house with its foxy loopholes in the chicken wire. However, recent loudly expressed media shock and horror over dishonest 'chickens' diverted attention from these loopholes, which was of great value to the'foxes'.

      "Holes" in our present banking structure can [with enough elector choice to evaluate this present structure] be addressed with these or similar changes: A. The Reserve Bank of Australia [RBA] to be the only bank licenced to create and lend credit money. This means that private banks can still lend their own and borrowed money, but not money they have obtained by increasing the quantity of money. This also puts efficient control of inflation in the hands of the RBA. B. All domestic & foreign financial transactions to be legally recorded in accounts registered with the RBA computer. This computer and its money trail to be supervised by High Court and ATO representatives and accessed by bank card by all Australians for all payments and receipts at little or no charge to them. C. The introduction of the Glass-Steagall Act to secure private bank security for the public, by separating commercial & investment banking.

      3. Population. Protection from overpopulation with a practical numbers plan. Basically, a migrant may enter after having proved benefit to our authorities concerned with major issues such as economic need, housing location, transport, greening and welfare. This would also protect our nation from Globalist use of mass migration as a tool to de-sovereignize each nation's economy & cultural harmony in furthering Global govt. 

      4. Highrise. A clear, decisive and democratic plan to protect us from future and existing building congestion in our suburbs. On past & continuing obvious building evidence, "Anyone who votes for T'Dum or T'Dee is a T'Twit."

      5. Wealth. The enormous wealth to be earned in Australia with her existing sovereign resources and added manufacturing, to be basically spent in her by citizen and foreigner alike under Enterprise Court & RBA foreign
      exchange protection.e.g. China wants our earned money spent there; we want it spent here; China wants our natural resources & other assets; so do we.

      Tax-payer funding of medicine, schooling, climate change & phasing out of polluting coal economics with renewable energy as promised by GLib-GLabs [and supported by this Independent], is of course fine, but only practical with this new assured wealth

      An economically efficient and kindly distribution plan to prevent suffering - and often physical human cruelty - to all income classes within our nation, from personal excessive wealth and personal excessive poverty. Also abolition of the regressive GST and re-introduction [like we had in the past] of a publicly approved progressive income taxation scale.

      Publicizing for general awareness the strong evidence [avoided by media], that problems with wealth excesses arise from the control of elite financial power by Fascists & Zionists [see also Policy 7], leading to fearful, puppet politicians. "Anti-FASCISTS & ZIONISTS is not anti-GERMANS & JEWS".

      6. Cruelty
      . Duck crippling risk in 'sportive' shooting, horse crippling risk in 'recreational' racing and crippling risk in live animal exporting made totally illegal with very heavy penalty.

      7. Foreign
      . Julian Assange brought home applying Australian sovereignty & law without cringe. Courageous and kind use of Military & Diplomatic force to strengthen our defence and opinion sovereignty against any evil/terrorist foreign govt. policy, declared as such by a democratic majority in Australian polls. i.e. not like elite declared wars based on govt. conspiracy theories such as those with the disasterous Iraq & Vietnam lies. Remember our Lib-Lab govt. conspiracy theories about WMD & Communist TERRORISTS?

      It turned out that these 'terrorists' were fighting a civil war against those backed by illegally invading American terrorists and their political elite lackeys - most not knowing or not wanting to know they were terrorists. And at dreadful cost to our nation - and other humans including children - despite non-elite public opinion. Would our majority public opinion find on present evidence that the present American illegal invasion of which Lib-Lab Govt.has
      made us a part, is again for profit & not for peace this time too? Would it also find that most decent Americans are again ignorant about or duped by, their govt? Let's find out - let's vote for the official polls to begin.

      Secretary John is not anti- Jew as portrayed without a shred of evidence in the elite controlled media; not anti-Semitic whether the Semite be Jew, Arab or other Gentile. He is [like Jews Against Zionism] clearly anti-Zionism which is clearly a racist, anti-Gentile & apartheid political philosophy causing cruelty to Jew & Gentile humans in the Middle East. Zionists treat Gentiles like Nazis treat Jews.

      Zionist control of our Govt. has just banned David Icke's free speech here after huge audiences in each of our capital cities [ignored by media of course], heard him on his 10 previous visits. Australian free speech will be completely dead [it is in its death throes] when websites are elite banned under "hate speech" and "fake news".

      And Lib-Lab policy on these 7 vital issues?? Seriously - - - would we basically succeed if T'Dum or T'Dee were elected? Better a people's Independent than an elite's puppet.

      "Ask not for whom the bell tolls . . it tolls for thee." Your SUBURB and COUNTRY need you - NOW to PREVENT continuing damage!

      Yes, Secetary John may be intellectual, kindly, courageous and a keen tennis player, but is he genuine? Well, one indication is that his parliamentary salary would go to a Goldstein charity each month - see Constitution. He is a retired teacher of economics, politics and history; a partner to his beloved Margaret for 46 years; no children; an octogenarian whose father lived to 100 years and 11 months. He's not too difficult to look at with his hat on.

      DETAIL of Major Policy here and in Constitution.
      If you can, find Lib-Lab policy on Manufacturing. Is it a policy coalition of sameness shared with the Greens or GLib-GLabs? Does comparison with the below show it to be silent, shallow or one of continued destruction of ours?

      1. Protection from Free Trade & Manufacturing Deserts:

      [a] Protection of our entrepreneurs in manufacturing, farming, and service industries and all their employees [ say, helicopters in Hamilton, seafood, aeroplanes in Adelaide, landfood, cars in Castlemaine, computers in Canberra, shoes in Scottsdale, shipping, trains in Traralgon, communication & financial services, flour in Footscray, generators in Geelong, recycling, bicycles in Berwick, biscuits in Bundaberg, cloth, perfume in Perth, power tools in Parkes, Australian Fruit Preserving, sustainable processing of our timber, oil & gas - - and a thousand other ACTUAL Jobs for specific towns], from excess due to slave wage 'competitive', but of course unfree and often unsafe or unhealthy [ e.g building material, irradiation for food preservation, GMO], IMPORTS. And the ENJOYABLE result? - highly & handsomely paid Australians can happily purchase from highly & handsomely paid Australians. {Aside question: will the 1% blame their coming globalist crash on protectionism & anti-centralization/globalism or pro-national sovereignty?}

      [b] Protection of our traders from businesses, domestic and foreign, having an excessive level of MARKET SHARE e.g. excessive food-buying power over our farmers - 'take it or leave it'. Truly, our very own small-medium businesses are still being crushed - NOW. Stopping it beats moaning about it.

      [c] Establishment of an ENTERPRISE COURT with power and judgement, to define and restrict such excessive levels of monopoly practice and unjust wage levels for both domestic and 'slave-competitive' foreign workers [e.g Philippine children on rubbish tips], in order to obtain by TARIFFS etc, FREE TRADE - not defined as freely traded unfree product, but as freely traded free product. We are not free to import slaves to produce here, but free to import slave produce from there. And the GLibGLabs condone this Evil Money End of Town but not this new Court. And don't fall for the incessant globalist "BAD TARIFF" propaganda. More so than tariff zone EU-COUNTRIES, our CONTINENT-COUNTRY can definitely be basically an economically self contained producer-consumer AND only need to import any desired FREE product.

      NOTE a century ago, Victoria was a great manufacturing State within a much more egalitarian and economically sovereign nation, having the 3rd highest standard of living in the world. This nation joyfully nurtured her people from our land and sea, until the anti-protectionists & unfree traders - serving as puppets to a governing class often called 'the Big End of Town' or '1%' which includes excessively wealthy slave wage Masters - began their grip on our parliamentary governors, increasing it step by step to reach their grasp in our present situation. Beware - they may manipulate you into thinking we can't have protection and free trade.

      NOTE also, that we reside in a country which is the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources per head of population, but as yet doesn't democratically control the use of those resources. Traitorous or politically cruel Governors in league with Global Slave Masters denying our young - & not so young - proper & interesting life-style occupations with these resources, is also a social CRUELTY. GLibGLabs TALK about jobs, but WHAT jobs?? They TALK about our drug taking & violent young, while creating damaging idleness & boredom for them. No, "She won't be right" until "She's righted" - urgently.

      Once aware of our potential, and aware of why & how Governors of different types don't allow us to reach it, let's not waste too much time being indignant - after all, let's confess, each of us has been at least a little empty about the situation! ["Sleepers Awake!"] Let's change it peacefully and democratically, saying firmly to sovereignty denying governors, "OUT" and to Protectors, "IN".

      2. Click Bank Rebirth. [Note also the 'hand tying' of Commissioner Kenneth Hayne and his expression towards the Treasurer].

      3. & 4. Protection from Housing & Migration Absurdities:

      [a] Protection from excessively HIGH residential buildings. We can't justly blame present Councils or VCAT as they are mainly protective BUT mainly TOOTHLESS TIGERS; their hands being tied by GLibGlab State parliamentarians [basically in a policy coalition with Over-developers] most of us elected!!

      How to stop SUBURB over-development excesses involved with traffic flow, parking, social cohesion/critical mass, employment, medicare & importation debt, greening, water, design, scale etc.? We propose a very simple plan: your election of representatives from your suburbs who will give effect to this State legislation for our residents:

      "that approval for the height of new building in its locality must have the consent of local residents via their elected Local Council, and that approval for the reduction of the height of existing building with compensation, must have the consent of the Local Council concerned and the State Government of the day."

      Do we know exactly what the major State political parties plan is to clear up their overbuilt mess or to stop it continuing?? 
      Do they want you to know or just want your votes on continued hope that offensive high storey flats/apartments couldn't possibly be near you now, or shortly?? 
      You could have asked them May 6th last year had they turned up at The Brighton Town Hall Meeting!!

      [b] Federal-State legislation:

      i Government to only invite any migrant applicant who has obtained an agreement with a city or rural Local Council to reside in that Council's locality for 7 years, with the aim of relieving pressure firstly, on our present residents purchasing their first house, and secondly, on overpopulated suburbs while benefiting any of our resident elected Local Councils seeking higher population numbers in their suburbs. Each Local Council to advertise the number and type of living space available to potential migrants intending to hopefully habitate its area for at least 7 years.

      Applicants also required to obtain permission from the Enterprise Court, Transport and Welfare authorities.


      ii While addressing the obvious corruption in their home countries, disallow applications from migrants seeking comparative economic & social advantage for a 3 year review period; but applications from refugees claiming political CRUELTY to be considered on their merit. If accepted, the political migrant to be granted a temporary visa awaiting a non-corrupt govt. in his/her home country.

      iii No foreign aquisition of Australian housing and farmland.

      NOTE over 3000 MIGRANTS invited by present GLibGLab Govts. [which are basically policy coalition govts.], arrive by aeroplane as economic refugees [not political boat refugees], EVERY WEEK [yes week!] seeking here, JOBS, MEDICARE, cars, clothes, computers & other IMPORTED FOREIGN DEBT, TRANSPORT and HOUSING - and mainly from overcrowded suburbs NOT being SAVED. Absurd overpopulation REGRESS, and DICK SMITH advertises at great cost, that Media silence is deafening & asks us to vote for the Party with the BEST POPULATION PLAN.

      NOTE that one can speculate on who GLibGLab parliamentarians are pleasing and why - perhaps housing & transport developers, low wage beneficiaries, foreign capitalists wanting house & farm purchases, excessively wealthy residents getting house zoning privilege, Party funders etc. - BUT one thing is crystal clear: they are not pleasing most of our residents with overbuilt suburbs, overcrowded road & rail, under-employment and taxes to meet increasing payment for welfare recipients and transport infrastructure. Dick Smith says, "Please, don't shoot the messenger." Yes, NUMBER messengers are not RACIST messengers - and probably won't even bother to shoot BOGAN messengers who mouth they are!

      All this regress with very obvious gain for economic migrants and foreign purchasers of our farms & houses, but without GLibGLab explanation of any important gain for most of us Australian residents. Surely their explanation is not a need for more ethnic diversity? [Although perhaps Eskimos are under-represented! - and we need in-house, Eskimo cultural input & coffee shops?]
      However, the GLibs and GLabs do explain that each will proudly continue to do what they have done & are doing, only much better than the other; & that the other is naughtier. Irritated Yawn. But then again, fear from a now more alerted public they may soon give you a GST promise to reduce future migrant intake - but of course never uggesting any failed past & present migration NUMBER policy clearly warned against by Australians Against Further Immigration.

      5. Public discussion and polls on whether an Excessive Personal Wealth Level [e.g. $200 million?] should be democratically defined and whether a 100% Wealth Excess Tax should be on the wealth above that level to protect those falling below an Excessive Personal Poverty Level [e.g. $2 million?] involving social cruelties such as despair & homelessness. [Ever wondered why Govt. has determined Poverty Lines but never Wealth Lines?] Quarantining of Excessive Personal Spending causing Excessive Personal Poverty. If agreed, each of our citizens would possess a different economic value within the two economic extremes - much like they accept and enjoy possessing different non-extreme personality & sporting values - vive la difference!

      7. Our Military used for defence of our sovereignty, not for attack on foreign sovereignty. Each nation to be held as an ally unless its Govt. is declared an enemy by a public poll called by our Govt. with evidenced reasons of corruption e.g. note the unevidenced demonization of Russia & Iran. No future invasion against a nation's Govt. without a public poll. Our troops presently invading to come home until any invasion is justified by public poll. Our military equipment supply determined with Enterprise Court approval. Our Military to work closely with our mergency authorities [e.g. fire, flood & fever] when Defence is not an issue. Non-servile diplomatic opinion on racist, apartheid cruelty of Wahhabism & Zionism despite their money control of Saudi Arabian & American Govts.

      Worthy Policies of Parliamentary Protectorship? Will The Old Party puppets [Lib-Labs or GLibGLabs] continue to fail them?
      If 'Yes', and you are convinced that your residential rights will continue to be eroded by these major party apparatchiks, and you firmly want appropriately judged resident rights policy for town and country, as in the 7 above to be implemented, further detail can be obtained from the Secretary John Casley B.Comm. [Univ.of Melb.] via telephone 0400372947 and email -

      Your SUBURB and COUNTRY need you! To become a worthy Protector - as an active Member and/or as a passive Member to help Party registration & to boost community morale - No fee Membership Forms [downloaded or copied] can be emailed, or posted to John Casley, 2/130 Head Street, Brighton Vic 3186

      Strive for Protective POLICY not Developer PUPPET

      This website is authorized and printed by John Tiger Casley 2/130 Head Street Brighton [late of 20 Oakwood Ave. Brighton].
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